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Alas, as my signficant pointed out – even Disneyland can suck … when it rains. But when miracles happen like, you find you can turn lead into gold  or someone offers to take your kids for three days (bless you my sister- and brother-in-law!), you do whatever you can to take time away from the kids, even if the weather is the “wettest summer on record”.

We were hoping to escape the wet of the U.K. and took the first post-commute train from Newbury, to Paddington Station (only 20 pounds when you don’t buy online).

One transfer on the tube brought us to Eurostar station. Note – you only need to be there half-an-hour before the train leaves, otherwise, you end up sitting around, wondering how much data roaming on your phone will really end up costing you. But for those with trip anxiety – you can arrive early and shop in the super-expensive shops right before you go into the passport check.

So here we are, hopping trains with the speed of light, absolutely nothing but our bags, ourselves, and our renewed vigor for travel sans kids. Bliss, I tell you.

We even treated ourselves to six-dollar bottles of wine on the Eurostar, to celebrate our three days of fun. No matter there was no sun. We didn’t care. We wanted to walk the streets of Paris like we were in the movies. So right away, after dropping our bags at the lovely little Hotel de La Tulipe in the Rue Cler district, we walked a few blocks down to see the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful, massive, and breathtaking … even in the rain!