Life in the mommy zone is never easy. One of the biggest challenges is that the minute you feel like you’ve got everything under control, and you just might make it through your week with no kids standing in an empty parking lot at school, wondering if you’ve been abducted by aliens—one of the other moms leans in and says something like, “You know, you really should try putting your kid in little league; he’d just love it!” And you look at your son who is as sports-like as a blind-raccoon and you think, “Am I’m denying him a possibility to prove himself?”

Sure, just like why Tiger Woods doesn’t knit; his mom denied him the opportunity.

There comes a point when you really have to look at all the activities and social events your kids are culling, and ask yourself: when is it too much?

The sad thing is that now, they’re holding seminars in my hood about over-booking kids, and what we can we do to stop it?

I’m not sure, but I know that if I didn’t schedule my son in something—he’d never even see other kids. Our block is a great neighborhood, but if you ever saw a child unattended, or playing in the street, I might suspect the parents were inside having some sort of mental break down. Because kids don’t play outside anymore. And that’s just sad.

So the time in our kids’ lives where they’re supposed to be outside, playing kick-ball and making their own life-long friendships isn’t happening. So what do we do? Desperately hunt online looking for “opportunities” for them to meet other kids, in the hopes that they’ll make friends, so that you can schedule play-times with other worn-out-from-driving-all-over moms. So don’t even think about shopping ever again (other than for groceries)—you’ve got to drive me to Timmy’s house or to soccer practice or to little league.

Of course, I’m a bad mommy. So I bought my son an X-Box and saved me some gas. Because I’m green like that.