Don’t get me wrong, I knew there were going to be challenges involved with sending my kids to public school, but far be it from me to introduce them into the world of pomp and circumstance before they can spell it. I mean, my oldest is only five: I don’t need to pay 20K a year for him to learn how to write his letters.

So I picked a “magnet” public school. I see it as a compromise of sorts: unique, interactive learning techniques in a less-pressured environment, with the requirement of parent participation (the private schools use well-paid teacher assistants).

And then there are the forms. And only two months in, the fundraisers, and the multiple items that need to be remembered each day. Hey – my kids is only five, so please don’t give me more than five things to remember a week (or me!); otherwise, we’re just pushing the limits of mommy-reality. And no, I cannot simply conjure up requested documents in under 24-hours from a HMO, simply because you don’t ask for items until the last second. But I’m not bitter, surely.

What it doesn’t cost in cash, it ultimately may cost in time. But it’s good to know they’re learning. Today, I visited, and was questioned by another cute five-year-old: what continent is this? He handed me the red, puzzle piece with curiosity. “Oh, that looks like South America.” OOps. No, he corrected me, that’s Africa. DOH! Mommy ego, down! Mommyego, down! Mayday! Mayday! 

Perhaps these kids are in pretty good hands after all. Mommy, on the other hand, may need a geography refresher. Perhaps that’ll be my secondary goal while volunteering in the classroom I wonder how my math is doing …