It’s been catch-up time at the corral since I returned from shooting earlier this month in the exotic FL “jungles”, surrounded by primates. Chi-chi (who, by the way is older than me, but apparently not as socially mature *ahem*), let me know it was time to go home, by pulling out a huge chunk of my hair and eating it while snickering at me. Suckah, mommy! Have sneaky children taught me nothing?! Well, at least I don’t have any bald spots … yet.

So now I’m back in the swing and making up my “working vacation” time for the movie to the kids. As the mommy-karmic ledger goes, there are a few things that I owed the kids (i.e., extra hugs, and a few “snuck in” treats here and there that would usually be “no-no”s). It kind of goes like this: 

“I missed you while you were with the monkey’s mommy!”
“I’m sorry, honey. I missed you too!”
“Yeah. Next time you play with us, not the monkeys. OK mommy?”
“OK honey, I’m sorry. Here … have another cookie.”

And thus, balance is restored easily enough with an extra batch or two of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Partners, on the other hand, are not as easy to please. This time, I get to take the kids for five days by myself, on what would be an otherwise dual-parented and partnered trip to the specialhellforparents that is Disneyland, six hours each way in a car trip.  Alone.

Dear God, please help me now. I know I haven’t been to church in a while, but I’ll make you some cookies if you get me through this.

So while I’m happy to be back in the swing with the gang, as September closes – it’s apparent that this is going to be a busy, busy year coming up. I’m hoping for the best, but just to be sure, I’m gonna start making more cookie dough on the sly.