Invited to film on a set is an amazing adventure for any work-at-home mommy, but to be able to do it on a movie about primates; to meet them and greet them is unbelievable. Thrust out of my everyday preschool reality on a jet plane headed towards religious zealots, I couldn’t help but wonder what had I gotten in to? There are people rioting all over the world about some wacko seven miles from here and I’m next  door to this nutter; and only interested in monkey business! 

Leaving  one set of toddlers at home, to film in a monkey sanctuary, Jungle Friends, filled with varied species of primates (nearly like rambunctious toddlers, but with teeth!). And personalities galore. Who knew that Ms. Buddy likes her coffee dregs in the morning? That Jimmy Senior likes to throw things at men, and when they pretend to “play dead” – he jumps up and down with glee. Victorious! And that little Puchi with little hair remaining and only one eye, would whisk his way into my heart sighing with love as I held his hand? So much to learn, film, and do on this adventure.

Surely, life has its own everyday adventures, but sometimes; you have to break out of the ordinary. I feel lucky to have the possibility of this extraordinary.