You know your life isn’t that exciting, when you’re actually looking forward to the Desperate Housewives episode on Sunday night. But as a parent of two toddlers, I need a little mind-numbing entertainment; a little reminder that there is a saucy side to life, even if it’s not currently on my side.

So we settled in to watch it this evening, and something had gone terribly, horribly wrong. They tried to instill some post-holiday, “It’s a Wonderful Life” type of messages into “what if” scenarios (always a sign that the regular writers are taking a day off). It was like watching a train wreck with sappy, maudlin music playing in the background. They wrote off characters they didn’t know what to do with or that had become inconvenient, but in such a trite way, even the daytime soap opera stars had better scripts this week.

It was if all that was saucy and good and naughty had evaporated – and nothing was left but drippy, sad, wet noodle moments to fill the bowl of an hour. It  made you want to gag a little. Where had all the hot flirtations gone? Where was all our vacuous entertaining catfights? The only thing left was the hot women in tight outfits, but then they even shoved one of ’em into a fat suit (yeow). So sad, to see such a saucy, hot show, drizzle into the new year with such a wimper; or rather a wail.

But to be fair, since that was going to be the highlight of my day who should really be crying? As my friend would say, “time to find a better way to end your week, beeyatch”.